Editors Wanted!
The BOTW Blog Directory is a collaborative project, devoted to identifying and organizing high quality blogs. Like the BOTW Web Directory, the Blog Directory adheres to strict guidelines for inclusion. However, unlike the Web Directory, the Blog Directory is an open project, where public editors can help in building the most comprehensive collection of blogs online.
What does a BOTW Blog editor do?
The primary responsibilities include finding and categorizing quality blogs for the category that you are editing. Typically, new editors begin editing in smaller categories, and advance to larger categories as their experience warrants.

Editors will need to properly title and describe each listing, and place it in the most relevant category. Other duties include participating in the editor-only forums and helping with the directory structure and navigation.
How much will I get paid?
The Blog Directory editor program is a volunteer-based program, with no financial compensation. Nada. Zip.
So what’s in it for me?
For starters, you’ll be contributing in building a better Web. The Web has done a lot for you – isn’t it time you gave something back? By providing BOTW users with a collection of quality blogs, we are ensuring them relevant, timely information covering a vast landscape. In today’s information driven world, relevant, spam-free results count more than ever. You can play a major role in controlling that information.

If the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with altruism isn’t enough, volunteer editors are also given a personal page on the botw.org domain where they are free to list biographical data, interests, and links to other websites that they are involved with. Consider it a little piece of BOTW of your own.

If you turn out to be any good, chances are we’ll probably even send you a cool BOTW shirt. It will probably look pretty cool in your professional credentials. And, we are always looking for additional staff members. The pool of editors represents a natural place for us to look to draw upon some talent.
How can I become an editor?
To become a BOTW Blog Directory volunteer editor, simply navigate the directory and choose a category for which you would like to request editing privileges. Scroll to the bottom of the category and click the link that reads: "Become a BOTW Editor".

After reading all of the information on the page, click the "Get Started" link to being filling out the application. Make sure to fill out the application in its entirety - any application with empty fields will be discarded.

Upon completion of the form, and perusal of the editor TOS, click the "Submit" button. You should receive a confirmation receipt email to the address specified. Upon review of your editor application, we will send you an email letting you know our decision.

*TIP – When selecting a category, choose one for which you have a particular expertise, or related experience. Also, choose a category that is not too high up in the directory structure – you are much more likely to be approved for a lower level category.
How much time do I have to spend on this thing?
As a BOTW Blog Directory volunteer editor, there are almost no requirements for the amount of time you are expected to edit. We understand that you probably have other things to do that put some money in your pocket, and we appreciate any time that you can take out of your busy life to help contribute.

Time spent editing varies amongst editors. Some only edit here and there, while others spend hours every day editing. You are free to edit at your leisure.

However, please note that in an effort to help with administrative issues, any editor account that is not used for a period of 60 days will be deemed inactive, and cancelled. So, if you don’t login for a couple of months, your account will be deactivated. If that happens, and you still want to edit, just let us know and we’ll look into it.
What type of requirements do I need to meet?
The BOTW Blog Directory is comprised of subject matter experts, finding and categorizing high quality blogs. Ideally, editors will be subject matter experts, with a relevant degree, work experience, or other valuable credentials.

All editors should be avid blog readers/authors, and have an exhaustive grasp on the field of interest.

For the time being, the BOTW Blog Directory is an English language directory, and as such, all editors should have a firm command of the English language, and possess above average written skills.

Additional bonus points given for those with directory editing experience. And librarians. We love librarians.